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the jungle awaits

Nestled in the rainforest of the Chirripo Mountain range lies an off the grid sanctuary that has been built and nourished with loving awareness. Retreat into your true nature and experience the transformative awakening of the life force within you. 

About Us


What is Soul Sanctuary?

Soul Sanctuary, in Costa Rica is a vessel for conscious exploration and active soul work.  This home has been built by a community of local people and international volunteers who share the vision of a new way of living. 

 Soul Sanctuary has intentionally become a harmonious space to purify the mind, body and spirit. 

Embodiment of mindfulness


Soul Sanctuary is a place for learning sustainability, health, core values, meditation, ecstatic dance, radical forgiveness, radical manifestation and deeper practices that encapsulate transformative experience. 

What we Offer

Soul Sanctuary is more than just a retreat space.. It is a vessel for an immersive journey of embodied connection. 

Soul Sanctuary gracefully offers lodging experience,  workshops, retreats, internships and volunteering.

The experience


Home for over 7 years, Soul Sanctuary now opens its gates as a multifaceted retreat for all souls


Home for over 7 years, Soul Sanctuary now opens its gates as a multifaceted Costa Rica retreat for all souls who feel the same calling to discover their own inner sanctuary. By drawing on a plethora of powerful teachings, we have created a dynamic and holistic environment in which all aspects of being come together to create new meaningful neuropathways, inner dialogues and soul connections. 


Connecting with each other as we let the sun and the river to caress and massage our bodies



We welcome you to leave behind the bombardment of the outside world and step into nature, your self, and your truth. This is a space that encourages re-sourcement with nature, reconnection with the elements, and that will enable you to embark on a journey to cleanse and nurture all levels of being.



At Soul Sanctuary, we believe in defining and living in line with our core values. Together, we aim to promote and intbbegrate the values of respect, responsibility, autonomy, open-mindedness, love and health. 

The Sanctuary also encourages those looking to live sustainably to develop and learn necessary tools and techniques to integrate this life model into their every day lives. 



When I was in Costa Rica I met Shahira, this amazing woman that is living off the grid in the middle of the jungle and doing the work to be a good human. She and I talked and connected. The bases of her belief system is to know your core values. That way when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation it is easier to decide what to push through and fix and what to push away and leave. I thought I knew my core values....but turns out they are just vague ideas (which has landed me in some very draining situations). I am spending some quality time with myself creating my core values. This way I can invest more time in what is feeding my soul...even if it is hard and less time fixing shit that is not even for me.

I hope everyone has either had this epiphany or is on their way to it. It is making this human thing much more enjoyable


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